One Health

At UCI Health Affairs, we do not practice medicine; WE CREATE IT.

As a university-centered, comprehensive healthcare system, we offer the most advanced support for human well-being based on groundbreaking research and delivery of cutting-edge care at the right time and in the best place.

This nation-leading status is achieved by the innovative combination of our world class experts in medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical sciences, public health and integrative health, to produce a uniquely collaborative, team-based synergy. We call this philosophical approach ONE HEALTH. A first-of-its-kind alliance uniting health disciplines, empowered by the entirety of UCI knowledge and resources.

Our shared goal of predicting, preventing and treating illness, produces whole-person, patient-centered care that is precise for individuals and communities. One Health is the vision that directs our mission – to Discover. Teach. Heal. – and three strategic priorities, or pillars, we are pursuing over the next five years.

Strategic Priorities

Three strategic pillars are carried out through the Susan & Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences, UCI Health, and our research centers and institutes.

Priority 1: Future Health: Innovations in Education & Research

Allia Fawaz, imaging specialist at the Stem cell research center, labels tubes of viral transport medium for use in COVID-19 test kits.

We are focused on innovation from bench to bedside in education and research, where UCI can distinctively push the boundaries to deliver data-driven, compassionate, precise, whole-person care through:

  • Innovation in interprofessional education to advance healthcare in a first-of-its-kind collaboration across health disciplines.
  • Innovation in basic and translational research where UCI advances discovery to improve knowledge and care, and create the diverse workforce of the future.

Priority 2: Health Equity

Dr. Charles Peter Vega Jr. working with a Hispanic patient at UCI's family Health Center in Santa Ana.

We are focused on producing equity and this demands that we identify, rectify and prevent health disparities, and educate a diverse healthcare workforce to serve diverse communities.

Priority 3: Precision Health

Ph.D. students Jayapriya Jayaraman and Michael Mellody use droplet microfluidic technology to discover immunotherapeutics.

We are focused on creating healthcare that is optimal for individuals and for communities through the collection, analysis and use of data in an ongoing manner.