Transforming Healthcare and Wellness

UCI’s team-based, whole-person approach will transcend all boundaries and welcome a new era of health and wellness.

UCI is the place in America right now to pursue the most future-focused opportunities to improve human health and well-being. With your partnership, we will redefine how new medical breakthroughs are discovered, how personalized, compassionate healthcare is taught, how patients are treated, and how communities are empowered for mental and physical health.

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Health Advancement Goals

For members of our community and for humankind around the globe, we are harnessing resources across the university to enhance well-being and save lives. The next phase of our team-based ventures will focus on four mutually reinforcing goals:

Advancing a paradigm-shifting model of integrative health and wellness for individuals and populations

Delivering world-class healthcare to patients throughout Orange County

Educating a diverse healthcare workforce for the future

Pushing the boundaries of innovation and discovery

Join us as we advance the frontiers of knowledge and educate a healthcare workforce that reflects the diversity of our community and our world. Make our impact a part of your own legacy.

To support UCI Health Affairs, or for more information, please contact Caroline Pereira, Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Advancement, at

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2020-21 Giving

Gifts of Innovation

Thank you to our generous donors for sharing your visions with us and trusting your ideas of innovation in our hands to bring them into reality.

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UCI Research Associates: A longtime Support

UCI Research Associates brings together community members who share a passion for health innovation to promote, celebrate and support health sciences research at UCI. Twice a year, local residents are invited to lectures by UCI faculty members to share the future of health. Research Associates also hosts an annual community event to recognize distinguished Athalie Clarke Achievement Award recipients.